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LaboratoryFor more than a decade, our DNA laboratory (the DDC) was the leading provider worldwide of DNA paternity testing and other DNA tests. We offer comprehensive DNA testing services in three main areas: paternity and other family relationships, forensics and genetics. In addition, a subsidiary of our laboratory offers innovative and high-quality tests for assistance animals and sporting animals.

The DDC was founded with the aspiration to make technological advances in DNA testing available to everyone. Our outstanding scientists are refining the latest technologies in order to enable the most accurate testing.

The DDC is proud to be the leading force in the private DNA testing industry. We were the first to use robotic technology in laboratory processes, which enables us to ensure accurate and efficient handling of DNA samples.

Our unique “Dual Process” sees all samples independently tested twice, and produces results of unsurpassed quality and reliability!
Healthcare professionals, official bodies (e.g., courts) and the media recognize the DDC as the top institute for DNA testing.


The laboratory

LaboratoryThe DDC is the leading laboratory for DNA paternity testing, forensic DNA testing, and human genetics studies. It is a fully equipped laboratory headed by the most prominent DNA scientists in this country.

With five ABI PRISM(R) 3100 genetic analyzers and the advanced BIOMEK(R) FX and BIOMEK(R) 2000 robotic systems, our lab is equipped to perform thousands of DNA tests daily. Our ability to perform high volumes of testing enables us to offer our customers value-added services with faster turnaround times and affordable pricing. Our robotic technology allows us to automate sample handling as well as sample preparation. By eliminating manual steps, we can prevent samples from becoming mixed up or contaminated.


The Dual Process

LaboratoryThe dual process provides the most precise results: Our “Dual Process” is another feature provided to you as part of our DNA tests and guarantees error-free testing. All samples we receive are divided into two samples which are tested independently of each other by different technical teams. These record every step to ensure that all samples can be properly identified and tracked. At the end of the process, one of our lab directors examines the raw and analyzed data from both teams to see if the results match. The “Dual Process” prevents common laboratory errors and ensures that the customer receives accurate and reliable results.




Overview at a glance

LaboratoryThe following facts bear highlighting:

– The DDC is the world’s leading DNA laboratory for the following DNA tests: paternity, forensic, ancestry and animals.
– All DNA samples adhere to the criteria for analysis accreditation contained in ISO17025 and AABB.
– All DNA samples are tested twice independently of one another. Our unique “Dual Process” guarantees accurate results.
– With five ABI PRISM(R) 3100 genetic analyzers and the advanced Biomek(R) FX and Biomek(R) robotic systems, our laboratory is equipped to process thousands of DNA samples daily.
– We offer “peace of mind” and legally recognized options for all DNA relationship tests.
– Quick results with guaranteed completion date once the samples are received.
– A secure online database for logging and managing orders.
– The DDC works in conjunction with governments, local authorities and companies in the field of law and immigration.


Laboratory approvals/certifications:

ACLASS approval (ISO/IEC 17025)

LaboratoryACLASS is an international accreditation organization. The signing of multilateral recognition agreements means that its rigorous inspection procedures are also recognized by ILAC, APLAC and IAAC. ISO/IEC 17025 is the international standard for compliance with technical competence in laboratories. ISO/IEC 17025 covers every aspect of laboratory management, ranging from the preparation of samples, analytical testing expertise, through recording and reporting.

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AABB accreditation

LaboratoryThe AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) Paternity Test Accreditation Program is the gold standard for DNA paternity test labs. The program establishes and promotes the highest standards of testing quality and care for patients in all aspects pertaining to parentage testing. Most courts and other government agencies require DNA testing from AABB-certified laboratories. The DDC received AABB accreditation for the first time in 1996 and achieved a perfect rating without any deficiency in the last four consecutive inspections by the AABB.

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ASCLD/LAB approval

LaboratoryThe American Society of Criminal Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board is the strictest approval program for forensic DNA labs. The DDC is currently the only private DNA laboratory to have received this prestigious accreditation.

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CAP approval

LaboratoryThe US government considers the CAP (College of American Pathologists) laboratory accreditation program to be as strict or stricter than the government’s own laboratory testing program. The DDC received a further perfect rating in the last CAP inspection, in which the DDC’s general laboratory procedures were examined along with its excellent molecular diagnostics services.

In the case of CAP accreditation, laboratories must also participate in the test program covering DNA expertise, in which samples from CAP are sent to the laboratory for testing and the laboratory’s results are subsequently verified. Numerous laboratories participate in this program yet fail to receive accreditation, which also includes an even more meticulous on-site laboratory inspection. The DDC is one of the few laboratories that has participated and completed both parts (verification of expertise plus the laboratory accreditation program) perfectly.
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NYSDOH approval

LaboratoryNYSDOH (New York State Department of Health) certification allows laboratories to perform DNA tests that come from New York. NYSDOH rigorously examines the entire testing services, including processes performed outside the lab, as well as the “control chain” and patient transfer. The DDC is one of the few AABB-certified laboratories which also possesses the prestigious NYSDOH certificate, and has also received a perfect rating for its last four inspections.

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CLIA approval

LaboratoryCLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certification is awarded by the U.S. Department of Health to ensure that laboratory results are timely, accurate and reliable. The DDC has been accredited by CLIA for over 8 years.

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